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GeekLoad is a new, fresh and functional tool for load testing of web applications and APIs.
It is created by and for software engineering geeks: developers, QA engineers, and DevOps.
The main goal is to create an instrument that will address the needs of engineering teams, not marketing data sheets.
We have thought through a lot of things anew and decided to make the usual things more convenient so that you solve your tasks faster.

How Will GeekLoad Help You?

GeekLoad simulates hundreds and thousands of concurrent users on your web app or API to help you...

FeatureCheck if your app handles the load properly and responds to incoming requests promptly.FeatureSee how response time and other metrics change as the load grows.FeatureFind how the changes in software or hardware affect the app performance.FeatureFind performance bottlenecks and slowdowns.FeatureUnderstand what you need to change in your code or hardware to help your app survive load spikes.

All these will help you catch performance issues early and release reliable builds.

Why Use GeekLoad?

Simple things are easy, complex things are possible

We tried to create a solution that is easy to start with, yet powerful enough to simulate complex load scenarios, integrate into development pipelines and catch performance issues of web apps, APIs, and microservices.

Start with a simple local test and modify it into a distributed test with a complex load profile with automatic launch of agents from different providers and different geofences.


Project as code


GeekLoad’s projects are one or more JavaScript files. You can take all the power of script code and make your tests as flexible as needed. Scripts give one more benefit: you have all definitions – load profiles and tests – in a simple text format. When you push changes to a source control, you can easily see what has been changed.

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APIs and web servers

More and more modern applications work on both desktop and mobile devices. GeekLoad enables you to create load tests both for your API and for web applications running in a browser. GeekLoad is independent of any technology. It just simulates HTTP traffic and\or other protocols. Your tests will work against any web application or API regardless of the technology it was created with.


AI powered project generation


Today it is not enough to be just a convenient tool. So we went ahead and enhanced GeekLoad with the power of artificial intelligence. Now mastering the product will be easier than ever with the automatic generation of the project script according to the description in natural language.

AI will also help you convert third-party tool scripts to GeekLoad’s format.

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Script projects make it possible to integrate GeekLoad tests into development pipelines. Parameterization by using environment variables, command line, configuration files or JDBC sources will make automation easier.

Close integration GeekLoad with any CI\CD system will ensure continuous monitoring of the performance of your products and early detection of regressions.


Easy scaling


The performance of a single computer is usually not enough to simulate thousands of virtual users.
To solve this problem, GeekLoad uses special load agents.

Agents can be started manually or automatically, on-premises or in a cloud.
Kubernetes, Amazon, OS on a physical computer - agents are ready to work everywhere!

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Clear and detailed results

Different metrics are needed for different tasks, so GeekLoad can track tons of various metrics of your application functioning. But logging all of them can make your result files incredibly large.

So, by default GeekLoad provides a set of predefined metrics that gives you a high-level picture of a run and possibility to dig deep into the cause of an issue, if any.


Data-driven testing


To test your web app thoroughly, run it against various input data. GeekLoad supports popular data source types: script arrays, CSV files, Excel sheets, and database tables.GeekLoad collects detailed results and logs tons of metrics to help you track various aspects of your application functioning. You get a high-level picture of a run and a possibility to dig deep into the cause of an issue.

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Rich reporting

The results require analysis. Our reporting will allow you to review the results from all sides and get the most out of each test.

We know that you probably have a test plan with which you need to coordinate reports. Also, a special summary paper is already ready for your boss.

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The gold standard of modern software is smart integration: delegation of only the functionality that is not enough.

GeekLoad can do a lot out of the box: work with different protocols, create distributed load, generate necessary reports and ... and delegate any part of it to a third-party tool.

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About Us

GeekLoad created by software professionals who have been creating automated testing products for many years.
We’ve seen and tried different load testing solutions.
We know pitfalls and issues that QA and DevOps engineers struggle with trying to run a real-life load test.

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