AI powered project generator



The power of artificial intelligence will help you master GeekLoad in minimal time. Just describe what you need in natural language and get a ready-made script fragment or the whole project at once.
Moreover, you can take a script from other load testing tools and convert it into a compatible format with a single mouse click (AI) in our Web UI.

Instead of a thousand words, try our generator in action right now!

Generator tester

Simply try entering some commands in the field below and click "Generate" to see it in action.
For instance:

  • Project "Hello world"
  • Request to the URL https://my-service.com/api/v1/mycall
  • Execute a POST request to Google with a body {name : value}, ensuring that the return code is 200.
  • Execute a request to http://myservice in 10 users during one minute. And use header xxx=5 please.

InfoIf you think the generated script is incorrect or suboptimal, write to us.

Using an AI Generator

To use this feature on real projects, download and install GeekLoad, and then open WebUI. After that there are three use cases:

Generate script

  • Set the cursor to the desired position of the script.
  • Click (AI) and then describe the request, your script, or the entire project.
  • After clicking "Ok", the script will be generated and inserted into the editor.

Modify script

  • Select the part of the script that requires modification.
  • Click (AI) and then describe the required transformations (for example: "Add the name header with the value 'Bill' ").
  • After clicking "Ok", the modified script will be generated and inserted into the editor instead of the original one.

Import project

  • Delete the entire script.
  • Click (AI) and then write "Import from <Tool Name>".
  • After clicking "Ok", the script of the imported project will be will be generated and inserted into the editor.

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