Web User Interface


GeekLoad provides a user interface in the browser. Usually the Web UI is available at http://localhost:8080
There are three main parts available via the central menu at the top: Project, Simulation and Reports.

Project editing


The first part is Projects. It is designed to manage the list of projects and their scripts.
On the left is a list of projects, on the right is a list of scripts of the current project, and between them is the code of the current script.
Just write the script code and click the Run button to run it. This will automatically open the simulation dashboard.

InfoThere is a predefined non-removable project "Draft" in the list of projects. Use it for prototyping and debugging.

Control of simulation


The simulation dashboard displays the progress of the project stages and the metrics of the operations performed.
The number of operations is the total number of established connections with servers, requests and messages of all protocols used.
Warnings are responses to requests with all statuses except successful, as well as user messages in the log with the warning status.
Errors are the total number of errors during operations of all types, including validation errors and user messages with the error status.

Reports analyzing


In the reports area, a list of completed tests is displayed on the left, and list of reports for the selected test are displayed on the right. The selected report is located between the lists, which can be printed "Print" or exported "Download" to a PDF file.
There is also a SEH (Strict Error Handling) mode switch at the top. When it is enabled, all aggregated metrics are calculated based only on those operations whose status is not equal to error.

InfoSwitching between tests, the selected report will be displayed immediately, this is convenient for comparing tests in the preferred section.

See description of reports.

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